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There has always been a part of me that wished I had taken dance classes when I was younger … a lot of dance classes. When the TV show So You Think You Can Dance premiered, I sat mesmerized with my kids on the couch and couldn’t get enough of the energy, beauty, and physicality. I knew confidently that my history should have included modern dance.

As I’ve become wiser, I changed the question from “why didn’t Mom sign me up?” to “what was my role in choosing other activities instead of dance?” Is it too late to take dance as a 50-something adult? No, as long as I have reasonable expectations. It’s too late for a career in dance, but not for rockin’ Zumba classes at the gym.

How about you? What have you always wanted to do but haven’t? What has held you back? Opportunity? Finances? Fear? Could you do it now? What would it take?

Take a moment to consider those questions and observe your immediate reactions. How is your gut providing answers?

Is There a Substitute?

Next question: is there a tightly-aligned substitute that could work just as well … When I was in my mid-twenties and finishing graduate school I relocated to another state that required licensure in my profession. At that time, the licensing process seemed more arduous than getting the advanced degree … so I didn’t pursue meeting the state’s requirements. Looking back, I fully understand my decision process so, while I’m not upset with myself, a feeling of regret has lingered over the years. Licensure was the terminal achievement for my profession and it would have provided greater career options.

Is there a well-matched substitute for you? What features would the substitute need to include to be tightly-aligned to your dream? How should you manage your expectations? What kind of resources and support do you need? What first step will you take and when?

I know … I ask a lot of questions.

Experience the Sweet Spot of Accomplishment

About two years ago, a good friend suggested that I look into pursuing certification as a health and wellness coach. She also mentioned a forthcoming national certification. I researched programs that were approved to prepare coaches for the national certification requirements. Receiving certification from my coaching program provided everything I needed to qualify for the national exam. I monitored the test preparations and plotted how and when to study. The feeling of accomplishment that washed over me when I learned I passed the national exam was amazing!

Why am I sharing this part of my story? Because I want YOU to experience the same sweet spot of accomplishment that I felt. National certification is a well-matched substitute for not seeking licensure years ago. I’m extra happy because this accomplishment not only helps prepare me for my future as a coach but it helps dissipate any regret.

Schedule a free 30-minute consultation if you’d like to discuss the one thing you’ve always wanted to do and how you might plan to do it now.

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I’m Karen Clark Salinas, and it’s my mission to help women live their full purpose (work + family) without sacrificing wellbeing. I want to be the coach I wish I’d had when I was a working mom. Someone to help me get unstuck and live my life more intentionally. Marriage, motherhood, chronic illness, divorce, remarriage, and caring for aging loved ones contribute significantly to my story. I know for sure that, with my support, you can pursue your professional dreams while raising a happy and healthy family.

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